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Photos are edited once ordered.
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Contestants can be found under the event name and age category they ran in.

To order, you can email me at coricowie@icloud.com and tell me what you're looking for, prints, collages or digital. 

For prints I'll need to know print sizes, I can print as large as 17"x22". 

For collages I'll need to know print size and how many images in the collage. 

For digital I'll need to know how many photographs your thinking of purchasing. 

Once I know this I can give you a quote and we can go from there.



A collage can be created from different photos of one child or each child in one collage, whichever you need.   The first copy depends on how many images in the collage and the size of print.  If you want an exact copy of your collage for family they are $25 each.

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Prints are not collages.  They are one photograph and multiple photos can be organized on a 17"x22" print sheet.   There are many different options for this sheet, for example, you can fit twelve 4'x6" prints on one sheet, or four 8"x10" prints on one sheet and more.  Each sheet is normally $100 but there is a 15% discount until Sept 29/21 with makes the price $85.00 each.

If all you want is one 8"x10" they are$25 each,  one 5"x7" is $20 each and one 4"x6" is $15. 

Digital             Emailed

Digital files are available for email.  These will be edited once ordered (straightened, cropped etc) These will be a printable resolution.  Each file is $30.  If you are thinking of purchasing a large amount of files, we can talk about a package. 


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Thanks for submitting!