• Please do not screen shot the photos. 

  • To purchase, go to www.artofalltrades.photos  you will find pages for prints, or digital (emailed) photos and photo gifts.

  • You have the option of using the online store OR you can get a total through the online store, and then etransfer to coricowie@icloud.com.

  • If you have any questions, you can also email me.

The names may not all be correct, if you switched with someone last minute, i may have not gotten that on the list i was given. 

  • Photos are edited once ordered. 

  • Photos taken inside a dark arena, are "grainy".  I can fix this once ordered, but i do not have time to fix every photo before i post them.  Photos are also straightened, lightened or darkened as needed.

Located in Mountain View County

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